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The BeaverWorks is the 'SkunkWorks' philosophy incarnate at MIT.   We generate/invent  advanced, technology-based solutions that address pressing engineering problems via the combination of:

Spring 2009 Project

The theme for 2009 is microvalves for meso-scale thermoelectric conversion systems.  Students experience a process, methods and use of skills that enable them to rapidly absorb a new technology into a design/mfg. process and thereby create/invent new devices/products.  The elements of this experience are laid out in the syllabus.  The major aims for the BW team are to:

(1) Learn how to best use micromilling as a rapid prototyping tool during the design process of small-scale mechanical systems that will eventually be fabricated in large volumes via lithography.

(2) Demonstrate the feasibility of micromilling and the limits of its performance via application to the design/fabrication of a metering valve for a micro-power system.


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